Alida Kendell, Kate Stashko, Ainsley Hillyard & Alison Kause © Marc J. Chalifoux

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This year’s Convergence features an exciting new work created by Vancouver’s Justine Chambers. Justine has spent four weeks creating with collective artists on this new work, which explores the choreography of the everyday.

Good Women is also thrilled to present WITHIN/BETWEEN by Stéphanie Morin-Robert from For Body and Light. You wake up in darkness… find yourself on a train. No memory of where you got on. And the headlight’s on, and the silver of the rails it’s like the moon thrown across dark water. WITHIN/BETWEEN is about the moment before you decide to act, when you vanish within yourself. Then, when you want to return, what if there’s no way back?

November 10-12, 2016

L’Uni Theatre
(8627-91 St in Edmonton)

General $20
Student/Senior/CADA $15

Tickets available via Tix On The Square
You can also opt for our 2-for-1 Ticket Pack with CRIPSiE