Thea Green & Kari Larson © Mat Simpson

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GWDC hosts What’s Cooking?, the works-in-progress event. The 8th annual event creates a venue for artists of all disciplines to show their in-process work and receive feedback and questions from the audience in a casual atmosphere with catering by a local establishment.

We dance, we eat, we chat and repeat!

April 29, 2017
12pm & 6:30pm

PCL Theatre
(10330-84 Ave in Edmonton)

Admission by donation
Suggested $10 each or $15 for both
No one will be turned away for lack of funds



Lunch Show
12pm (doors)
12:30pm (showtime)

  • Untitled by Michalene Giesbrecht
    An intertwining of contemporary dance and aerial work on a low hung loop of fabric.
  • excluding Freddie Mercury, why are all my neuroqueer crushes white? performed by Lindsay Eales & Rebecca John
    Lindsay and Rebecca weave choreopoetry and photo projection to explore madness, race, and queerness.
  • That’s what she said performed by Alida Kendell
    This contemporary dance solo will explore and celebrate notions of power by transposing masculine physicality, bravado and dominance onto a feminine body.
  • The Sash Maker performed by Rebecca Sadowski & Naomi McIlwraith
    The Sash Maker depicts ideas about Métis identity and the revival of forgotten cultural memory. The piece connects dance, poetry, and weaving together, promoting healing through deeply rooted cultural ties. The lives of the Métis have been woven together from a variety of cultures, traditions, and beliefs. It is a composite. It is a mixture. It is Métis.
    Thanks to: Gerry Morita, Christine Frederick, Matthew Hiltermann & Jonathan DeMong

Evening Show
6:30pm (doors)
7pm (showtime)

  • 30 performed by Raena Waddell
    The result of a 30-day movement challenge where Raena had to create a movement every day for the month of March.  What she performs will be the result of what she created.  The exercise was an endeavor to by-pass inspiration and simply enforce movement creation every day as a habit.
  • Untitled by Katherine Semchuk
    Starting point of a 10 (ish) minute contemporary dance solo. She will be showing an arrangement of phrases that explore compartmentalization and rearrangement of actions and movements.
  • On a neon misted street performed by Aimee Rushton
    Exploring themes of navigation and wildness within the concept of the holographic universe.
  • New GWDC work by Kate Stashko
    Performed by Ainsley Hillyard, Alida Kendell, Katherine Semchuk with music composed by Shawn Pinchbeck
  • Doc By Lou performed by Zoë Glassman
    A play and a dance. All the complex imaginings of a woman whose life has been so absorbed by her lover’s, she is not sure she exists at all.
    Narration performed by Robert Benz, sound by Jesse Northey, Movement Dramaturgy by Ainsley Hillyard