Convergence 2021

Program Information

On Being and Doing

Co-creators: Peggy Baker and CRISPiE artists

Performance by CRIPSiE Artists: Julie Andrews, Heath Birkoltz, Sara Campos-Silvius, Mitch Chalifoux, Iris Dykes, Bobman Jeffrey, Rebecca John, Nicolle Pilon, Angela Meneley, Marisa Hayden, Rosie Nay, Alison Neuman, Erin Neuman, Kasia Niewinska

Process dancers: Marlisse Moulton and Angie Staines

Sound design: Mitch Chalifoux

Rehearsal Direction and Lighting design: Ainsley Hillyard

Rehearsal assistants: Kaylee Borg, Tonya Chrystian, Shrina Patel, Nicolle Pilon

Stage Manager: Andrea Handal Rivera

ASL interpreter: Mikayla Maione

Co-created by esteemed Canadian choreographer Peggy Baker with CRIPSiE and GWDC artist Ainsley Hillyard as assistant to the choreographer and rehearsal director, On Being and Doing is part of Baker’s final season before retiring her Toronto-based company. This work was created collaboratively, with the company’s artists offering sounds and gestures from their everyday lives and experiences and the choreography developed through task based improvisations and collectively created set material. This process was started in January 2020 and had to be postponed due to the pandemic, resuming in September 2022.


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response 

Choreography: Rebecca Sadowski with mentorship by Alison Kause

Performers: Deviani Andrea, Alida Kendell, Krista Lin

Dramaturge/Outside Eye: Alison Kause, Ainsley Hillyard

Lighting Designer: Ainsley Hillyard

Stage Manager: Andrea Handal Rivera

Deaf interpretation: Connor Yuzwenko-Martin

ASL Interpreters: Gail Benin and Mikayla Maione

Music Composition: Caroline Shaw with Roomful of Teeth, segments from “Partita for Eight Voices”

Music Editing: Rebecca Sadowski

Production assistant: Aimee Rushton


Post show facilitator: Sable Chan

Post show ASL interpreter: Amanda Omoth

Lighting mentor: Whittyn Jason

Convergence poster art and design by Maaike Kuypers @maaikelynnn