Convergence 2021

Content FYI

The first piece in Convergence is a ten minute dance performance of both men and women’s fancy dance performed by Saddle Lake Cree fancy dancer Dustin Stamp and Samson Cree Nation dancer Chrissy Nepoose. They wear beaded and feathered regalia and dance to rhythmic music.


I Want to be Alone but We’re in This Together (excerpt)

This is the second piece in Convergence and is approximately fifteen minutes long. The performer dances to a piece of music in front of a microphone for about half of the performance and then interacts with, and manipulates the microphone and talks to the audience for the last half of the performance.


The State of Things

This is the third piece in Convergence, shown after intermission and is approximately forty five minutes long. This is a highly improvised piece. While we can’t entirely predict what will happen, we will share a bit about the structure we use. This piece uses recognizable contemporary and ballet movements and unrecognizable improvised movement. We also use theatricality that jumps through time and resists a single narrative, as well as spoken and body-based storytelling. This piece contains full nudity about midway through the piece and may contain coarse language. At this same point the performer tells a dance related story from memory, and will tell a different story each night. Because this story is not rehearsed it is hard to state what the content will be, however some themes that have come up in rehearsals and previous performances and may or may not come up are; fatphobia, ableism, body shaming, body dysmorphia, bodily functions, dance institution based critique and trauma. You will know this is happening when the performer in the green suit brings a chair onstage. This section is five minutes long. Feel free to leave and come back, close your eyes, or do whatever else you might want to do to take care of yourself as needed.  The section ends when the other performers start speaking as well.