Week 2: Playing the game


GWDC artist, Ainsley Hillyard, shares about the second week of our residency in Montréal at MAYDAY Danse with Mélanie Demers

GWDC's Ainsley Hillyard

GWDC’s Ainsley Hillyard

As our second week with Melanie wrapped up my mind started weaving the intricate tapestries of character and narrative together. Melanie initiates this conversation with us and I swarm to it like a moth to a flame. The material she has created with us has limitless potential, physically and theatrically… and there are so many different stories that I think it could tell:

  • A tidal wave is growing enormous, transforming in slow motion, threatening to swallow us whole. On its own terms… in its own time.
  • Alida, is our martyr
    A prophet wise to what is coming, overwhelmed and defeated by the impending doom of the apocalypse. She is learning that autonomy is a gift ,not a right, and it is easily stripped away.
  • Alison, the philosopher
    Feverishly trying to make sense of the chaos, struggling to explain a way out of this new corrupted society to anyone that will listen.
  • Richard, the evangelical
    Who scatters hope where there is none. Preaching to a desperate and faithless congregation, he makes impractical sense of impossible situations.
  • Kate, our sacrifice
    She tries to unravel the secrets and sentiments of the other players, which in the end, contributes to her unraveling herself.
  • Today I was a salesman, the jester of sorts
    Pitching the latest ailments for your apocalyptic woes. Casting a wide and questionable net, preying on peoples tendencies for the absurd and ever disintegrating morality.

But what will we all be tomorrow? The question now consumes my thoughts and excites me to dig for more. As these pawns continue to play this infinite and dreary game I catch myself manifesting their dreams, desires and consequent deaths.

The game itself continues to change. I wonder where we, the pieces, will fall inside of it.


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