Rebecca Sadowski joins Good Women


Good Women is absolutely thrilled to be bringing Rebecca Sadowski into the collective as our fifth collective member. The organization has not brought on a new collective member in over seven years so this is a huge and very exciting shift for the organization.
It has been an absolute joy to witness Becky as an artist. Good Women programmed her in Dancefest at Nextfest for the first time in 2016 where she shared the piece Rain Dogs. After many more years and performances at the festival, Good Women saw her potential as a curator and asked her to take over the role for the organization. Last year was Becky’s first official year as dance curator for Nextfest and we could not have been more proud of the work she did.
We have also worked with Becky over the past seasons as an understudy and performer. We were absolutely blown away by Becky’s understudy work with us on The Cardiac Shadow presented by Northern Light Theatre and GWDC. Becky not only learned the part she was supposed to understudy for, but very last minute also learned a second part allowing for more flexibility for our new mothers in the cast. While everything turned out and there were no health complications, Becky still performed a few times during the run of the show, allowing flexibility for one of our new mothers in the cast.
Most recently she has joined us as a full cast member for The Beginning of Happiness by Jane Berry, collaborating choreographically on the project as well as performing with us. Becky’s creativity and vision add a huge amount to this project, and we are constantly so grateful for her insight and offerings.
It has become very clear to us over the past few years that Becky would be an incredible asset to the collective, and it is an absolute gift that she has accepted the position. Her energy and talent have already infused the collective with new ideas and we are so happy to finally have her on our team.

A note from Becky:

How do you feel about joining the Good Women as a collective member?

I am incredibly honored to be joining the Good Women as a fifth member of the collective! I am so grateful to the Good Women for all of their generosity and support over the past several years in my artistic journey. The opportunities they have given me in performance, collaboration, and curation have all stretched my identity as a creator and artist, and I feel excited to take on this new chapter within the collective and the dance community. I feel like a student going back to school- a little nervous, but ready and willing to learn!

What do you hope to achieve by joining the collective?

With this new role in the collective, I’m interested in how I can continue to engage with the dance community and bring my own ideas to the collective! I’m also excited to continue to hone and challenge my own dance practices and learn more from the collective on how to create work collaboratively.
I work as an artistic contractor, so I’m accustomed to a gig to gig work ethic, so I’m jazzed about the consistency and stability working with the Good Women may bring. I feel grateful for the opportunity to keep working as a dance artist in Edmonton, and I hope with this new foundation, I can continue to give back to the community and create opportunities for other dance artists as well. A BIG shout out to Ainsley, Alida, Kate, and Alison for this artistic recognition, and for trusting my abilities as an artist and collaborator.