Marc J Chalifoux

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The State of Things is a highly improvised, nonlinear choreography that works with both codified and uncodified movement practices. The title is a reference to the circumstances we have been living through in Canada since March 2020, and how these circumstances have impacted the way we work with, care for, and relate to one another. My focus in developing this piece was encountering the Good Women as artists and people-honouring their interests, humour and rigour. The piece is what I would call co-created, with me providing a frame or container (also called a score) for the performers and them moving outwards from that loose structure to create a whole world. – Sasha Kleinplatz


Choreographer/co-creator: Sasha Kleinplatz

Performers/co-creators: Ainsley Hillyard, Alison Kause, Alida Kendell, Kate Stashko, Rebecca Sadowski

Dramaturge/Outside Eye: Thea Patterson

Lighting Designer: Beth Dart

P.s. If you are wondering about the floaties: 1) I have just been wanting to work with them for a long time, and 2) for me they represent the idea that objects have lives, intimacies and histories that we can’t understand but might be able to imagine, kind of like people.- Sasha Kleinplatz