Richard Lee, Kate Stashko, Alida Kendell, Ainsley Hillyard & Alison Kause © Marc J. Chalifoux

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We’ll be Fine is a work created by Mélanie Demers in collaboration with artists from Good Women Dance Collective and dance-theatre artist Richard Lee. The work premiered in November 2015, with three performances at L’Uni Théâtre in Edmonton, Alberta, presented by GWDC.

As is typical of Ms. Demers’ work, the piece oscillates between extreme physicality and moments of nothingness, and teeters on the edge of hilarity and tragedy, challenging performers and audience alike in their consideration of what we choose to do and say to one another. The work asks us, “Faced with an imminent threat, what would we do? How would we act?”

Choreographer: Mélanie Demers (MAYDAY Danse)
Performers: Ainsley Hillyard, Alison Kause, Alida Kendell, Kate Stashko and Richard Lee
Composer: Mykalle Bielinski, music from James Blake
Rehearsal Director: Anne-Marie Jourdenais
Sound Design: Mykalle Bielinski
Lighting Design and Stage Manager: Beth Dart
Costume Design: Sydney Gross

Premiered: November 26, 2015 at the L’Uni Theatre, Edmonton at GWDC’s Convergence

length: 48 min