Apply to GWDC Residency


We’re accepting applications for our 2017/18 Residency program.
The multi-week opportunities include:

  • Rehearsal Space
    Access to our space at the Ruth Carse Centre Dance (11205-107 Ave) which is 48’ by 43’, has sprung Marley flooring and floor to ceiling mirrors.
  • Creative Guidance/Mentorship
    From any and all of the collective artists, if desired.
    An informal studio showing of your work in process on the final afternoon of your residency

Timeframe: 2-3 weeks
Mondays & Wednesdays at 9am-4pm
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays at 12-4pm

To apply, please submit:
Please do not send hard copy submissions; only electronic submissions will be considered

  • Biography
  • Project Description
    – What are you interested in exploring during your residency?
    – Who is involved?
    – Describe your goals for the residency and how you plan on achieving them
    – Rationale for why this residency opportunity is important to your creative process
  • What are your future performance or workshop plans for the piece?
  • If a public showing is not part of your process, please suggest an alternative form of engaging with the public (ie teaching a workshop, creating blog posts etc)
  • Supply your first, second and third choice of residency timing
    (Propose 2-3 week periods between September 1, 2017-August 31, 2018)
  • Examples of past or present work (youtube or vimeo links only)

*All applications will be considered, but priority will be given to artists working in Edmonton
*Out of town artists could be provided billeting depending on the time of year and specific living needs (allergies etc).

Questions and submissions can be emailed to:

Submission deadline: May 1, 2017
Decisions by: May 26, 2017