2018 New Work Award Winner


Julie Ferguson aka Niuboi is the 2018 New Work Award recipient

NIUBOI came from space to save the world from a live of blasé mundanity. They are a Trans Non-Binary Alien and uses they/them pronouns. NIUBOI creates the latest and greatest in #weird and brings it to you live. Their creations Antiquation, Glass Washrooms, and The Milk Bar have been presented by Azimuth Theatre (The Chinook Series), Common Ground Arts Society (Found Festival), and Mile Zero Dance (Alberta Culture Days). You can find them at weird cabarets around town.

www.niuboi.com | @NIUBOI

Ferguson receives:

  • $2000 in prize money
  • Mentorship from the Good Women Dance Collective
  • Access to rehearsal space
  • A performance spot at the 2019 Chinook Series

The award was handed out by GWDC on February 13, 2018 during the Expanse Festival’s Coast to Coast program as part of the Chinook Series where the 2017 recipient of the New Work Award, Katherine Semchuk will premiere her new work, I can’t sit still.

Previous New Work Award recipients:

  • Katherine Semchuk (2017)
  • Aimee Rushton (2016)
  • Anastasia Maywood (2015)
  • Krista Posyniak (2014)
  • Tatiana Cheladyn (2013)