2019 New Work Award Winner: Alison Neuman


We are very excited to announce our 2019 New Work Award Winner: Alison Neuman!

Alison Neuman has had an opportunity to be in CRIPSiE (Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers’ Society in Edmonton) since 2010. In the past nine years, she has been a dancer, assistant choreographer, emerging choreographer, and Artistic Associate. All projects have nurtured Alison to learn dance but also to explore the messaging, creation and performance skills required. Since 2014, with mentorship, she has choreographed several pieces which were performed locally. All of those spaces provided learning from the artistic humans in the integrated and mainstream Edmonton arts community. Additionally, she is also an author of Ice Rose: A Young Adult Spy Novel, Searching for Normal: A Memoir, and the Friends and Family Series, which includes characters experiencing disabilities. As a playwright, the subjects of inclusion/definitions and isolated voices were investigated in Searching for Normal: The Musical, and strength, love and advocacy for families and persons experiencing dementia were explored in The Sunset Syndrome. She has created and planned, Camp Mission Access (Workshops for children of all abilities), Got Dance (Accessible workshops for dancers), Artists for Altruism (Author fundraiser and book sale) and facilitated classes for dancers in the integrated community.


Alison receives:

  • $2000 in prize money
  • Mentorship from the Good Women Dance Collective
  • Access to rehearsal space
  • A performance spot at the 2020 Chinook Series

The award was handed out by GWDC on February 12, 2019 during Azimuth Theatre’s Local(e) program as part of the Chinook Series.

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