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Amelia Ehrhardt instructs Contemporary Technique


The curator for Toronto’s Dancemakers will teach contemporary technique workshop on March 2-3 at 10-11:30am.

Workshop: do it if it can’t be done
Through scores that invite us to attempt the impossible, we will find our way most directly into our habitual movement patterns and work to both indulge and destroy them. We will work between cautious specificity and hopeless abandon. When we think we have nothing left, we will find more; we will work together obsessively; we will revel in what our bodies present to us.


Amelia Ehrhardt makes, performs, teaches, facilitates, writes about, and organizes dance. Her practice seeks the parameters of how we watch, understand, and make dance, and ways to re-contextualize the form and to trouble those parameters.

Through her work as Curator at Dancemakers Centre for Creation (Toronto), Amelia aims to use the framework of an institution and seasonal programming as a macro-choreography; considering how framing decisions around individual dances effect ways in which dance work is made. Amelia’s work has been supported through residencies at HATCH, Toronto Dance Theatre, and Studio 303, and has been presented at OFFTA Montréal, SummerWorks Performance festival, AGO’s First Thursdays, and other itinerant artist-run spaces such as Doored/Double Double Land and Halo Halo Village. As a dancer she works predominantly in multidisciplinary contexts, having interpreted works for Zeesy Powers and Suzy Lake as well as choreographers Carol Anderson, Susie Burpee, and Julia Sasso.

She is the founder of Flowchart: a Series of Performance, a former Lover at the Toronto Dance Community Love-In and the inaugural Dance Curator at Summerworks Performance Festival.

She holds an honours BA in Dance Studies from York University and has trained independently in Montréal, New York, and Vienna. Amelia is a 2016 fellow of the Toronto Arts Council Leaders Lab and is a participant in 8 DAYS: a Gathering of Canadian Choreographers.

Amelia is based in Toronto and has never lived further than five kilometers from Lake Ontario.

You can also see Amelia perform as part of the Dance Crush Series in early March at Mile Zero Dance.

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