Photo by Marc J. Chalifoux

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November 17-19, 2022
L’Uni Theatre

This November, Good Women Dance Collective (GWDC) opens their season with its annual showcase Convergence, featuring the Collective’s new work Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response as well as Peggy Baker and CRIPSiE’S collaboratively created piece On Being and Doing.

Co-created by esteemed Canadian choreographer Peggy Baker with CRIPSiE and GWDC artist Ainsley Hillyard as assistant to the choreographer and rehearsal director, On Being and Doing is part of Baker’s final season before retiring her Toronto-based company. This work was created collaboratively, with the company’s artists offering sounds and gestures from their everyday lives and experiences and the choreography developed through task based improvisations and collectively created set material.

Inspired by Caroline Shaw’s composition Partita for 8 Voices and the range of vocal qualities in the work’s harmonics, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response explores ASMR and the effects of tonal vibration in the body. Starting from a place of auditory stimulation, the scene for the work is filled with an immersive set design of paper mache forms created by GWDC emphasising layers of perplexity in the soundscapes presented. The new piece is choreographed by Rebecca Sadowski and Alison Kause and features GWDC’s Alida Kendell, Deviani Andrea as well as guest artist Krista Lin, and incorporates a fully immersed Deaf interpretation by Connor Yuzwenko Martin for every performance.