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GWDC is thrilled to introduce Jeffery Baglinit as our 2023/2024 Feature Artist!

The Feature Artist Program, created and launched in 2022, is a two year program that includes an experiential learning phase and an implementation phase for a selected BIPOC artist. The featured artist envisions their own project and completes it within their own parameters, with support from GWDC. They have creative autonomy without the expectation that their work will fit into GWDC’s dance aesthetics and values. The program invites different perspectives across all levels of our organization and we intend to incorporate learnings into our hiring and programming practices so that they better align with GWDC values and better support equity-owed artists.

About Jeffrey:

In 2013, Jeffrey began his journey in Break Dance at the Harry Ainley High School Dance Club. His passion for dance led him to create & establish MacEwan’s Hip Hop Dance Club and U of A Open Styles Dance Club, with the aim of providing a platform for dance beyond high school. Currently, he is actively involved in nurturing the movement community at The Stunt Garage. Jeffrey’s extensive dance experience has enabled him to become proficient in all the foundational elements of Breaking, including Top Rock, Drops, Footwork, Freezes, and Power. He is continually seeking to evolve as a dancer, expanding his horizons by exploring Acrobatic Tricking and various other dance styles.

Find Jeffrey on Instagram @jeffb.zf

During the Experiential Learning Phase of his Feature Artist Program, Jeffry will be organising DANG, a hip hop event that will connect dance communities across Alberta and British Columbia.

DANG, presented as part of GWDC’s Feature Artist Program
September 30th-October 1st, 2023
The Stu 9418 62 Ave, NW, Edmonton

DANG! A Two-day Event of Dance Battles and Movement Workshops!

DAY 1: Breaking 1vs1 Battle – Witness dancers from across Alberta showcase their skills as they engage in thrilling battles, presenting awe-inspiring moves and captivating performances.

DAY 2: Movement Workshops – Elevate your movements and ignite your creativity with engaging workshops exploring dynamic techniques for all skill levels.”

The goal is to Build engagement into the Edmonton Breaking Community and partnered Communities by bringing in guests from the University of Alberta, Contemporary Dance Community (GWC), Physical Fitness Communities (TSG), Friends and the Edmonton General public into an event that showcases Exciting Battles of dance styles and connecting guests to classes and communities they can join in their Fall Season.