Justine Chambers & GWDC artists © Sarah Hoyles

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This class, led by Vancouver choreographer/performer Justine Chambers, focuses on developing strategies for being present while investigating the perpetual dynamic negotiations within the body and the space it is in.

The class begins with a simple score that incrementally layers movement strategies, inviting participants to experience themselves and the people around them in the here and now. It includes searching for systems of support inside and outside of the body, using the mind as a catalyst for shifts in sensation and perception, and curiously ferreting out the possibilities for movement within our bodies. With an openness to the possibility of functional change, we will explore the precise moments where the body is activated into movement. The class progresses with simple set exercises and larger movement phrases  that encourage another application of the opening score’s propositions.

October 24-November 4, 2016

Muriel Taylor Studio at Ruth Carse Centre for Dance
(11205-107 Ave in Edmonton)

Drop-in $15
5-pack pass $65
10-pack pass $100