Chinook Series 2019


We are so excited to be working with Expanse Festival at Chinook Series this year!
Over 11 days Chinook Series presents you with amazing performances, engaging workshops and thought-provoking salons – all in one place.

Kiruthika Rathanaswami

Thursday, February 7 @ 7:00pm
Friday, February 8 @ 7:00pm
Westbury Theatre

Kiruthika Rathanaswami premieres four new solo bharata natyam (Indian Classical Dance) works choreographed by Jai Govinda and creative direction by Sridar Elumalai with the support of the Edmonton Arts Council and curated by Good Women Dance Collective.  In the core work “Mohamana” Kiruthika will explore the mood of love, desire and sexual unity with lord Thyagaraja.  The production highlights the intricate aspects of the dance form (nritta, nritya and natyam) and the freshness of its evolution through visual narratives to contextualize the dance for a diverse audience.

Curated by Good Women Dance Collective.        |           Buy Tickets

Bharata Natyam Workshop

with Kiruthika Rathanaswami                                                                                                                                      Friday, February 8 @ 1:00 – 2:30pm
Studio A

Bharata natyam is one of the eight classical dance styles of India from the Southern region of Tamil Nadu. This dance form was originally performed in the temples by the “devadasis” or servants of god as a worship. The structure of bharata natyam is divided into three aspects: Nritta (pure dance/technical aspects), Nritya (meaning or emotion through gestures and body) and Natya (story telling/portraying character, theatre). This workshop will introduce the basic positions of bharata natyam, advaus (introductory movements), basic rhythms and hand gestures. This is a beginner level workshop and no previous experience is required. 

Participants will be required to wear clothes that they will be able to fully move in and be barefoot.

Safe Spaces in Dance – How to Foster a Healthy, Safe and Equitable Culture

with Good Women Dance Collective and special guests
Friday, February 8 @ 5:30pm
The Lobby

Artists and organizations across Canada are discussing the topic of safe spaces in dance. As a body-based art form, dance presents some specific challenges, which can place its artists in vulnerable positions, making this topic even more crucial. Please join us for this salon featuring a discussion between local dance artists including Gerry Morita (Artistic Director of Mile Zero Dance), Kiera Keglowitsch (former dancer with Citie Ballet) and Jenny Luo (instructor at The Kore Dance Studio). Facilitated by activist and safe spaces expert Ashley Dryburgh.

Tip Off! by NIUBOI

Tuesday, February 12 @ 7:00pm
Wednesday, February 13 @ 8:45pm
Westbury Theatre

Part of Expanse Local(e): Snap back to the 90’s with this basketball inspired movement piece. Dribble, dunk, dance; it’s time to slam. A new piece choreographed by NIUBOI, recipient of the 2018 New Work Award by the Good Women Dance Collective.

NIUBOI (Lead Artist), Abbie Cogger, Jameela McNeill and Ryan Jackson (Performers / Collaborators), Cliff Kelly and Taylor Chadwick (Sports Channel Announcers) and Ainsley Hillyard (Mentor)           |             Buy Tickets