Class with Rumi Jeraj, June 8 & 11


This June, Good Women welcomes the fabulous Rumi Jeraj as a guest instructor!

Rumi Jeraj is an ismailli muslim hailing from Sherwoodpark Alberta (the world’s largest hamlet). He is curious about sound and text in dance performance. Over quarantine his practice has shifted from the studio to the outdoors and he has found joy in interacting with natural landscapes. During his professional studies at Ryerson University, he studied Contemporary dance with Louis-Laberge Cote, Kate Hilliard and Robert Glumbeck. As a student, he has also worked with: Heidi Strauss, Peter Chin, Hanna Kiel, Hannes Langolf and Valerie Calam. Outside of contemporary dance, Rumi has trained in tap dance with Travis Knights and Dianne Montgomery. He aspires to create and be a part of work which mixes forms in order to better tell stories. He believes there is a perfect balance between words, music, and movement which can communicate intellectually, emotionally and viscerally all at once. He aspires to find this state on stage.

Classes run:

  • Tuesday, June 8 – 10 to 11 AM MT
  • Friday, June 25 – 10 to 11 AM MT

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