Convergence 2022

Accessibility Info

COVID and Masking

We are requesting that all audience members wear masks for the first half of the performance before the intermission. Some of the performers in the first group belong to vulnerable communities and/or are immunocompromised. We appreciate your understanding and compassion and will provide you with a mask upon entry if you do not have one. This piece is around 25 minutes long. After intermission masks are optional for the duration of the performance. If you are feeling ill please stay home, we are happy to offer you a full refund for your ticket.

Relaxed Performances 

Relaxed performances are created to make the audience experience more accessible. This is because formal performance settings demand some specific behaviours from audience members (like sitting still and quietly in the dark for a long time) that can exclude some people.

We will have some elements of a relaxed performance environment available for ALL shows, this includes:

We have soft seating areas in the front, and the first balcony is available for people that need to move around. For people needing re entry we will have ushers available to support leaving and returning to any area in the audience.

We have inclusion kits available to audience members which include noise-cancelling headphones/disposable earplugs and sunglasses to mitigate noise and light intensity. These kits are sanitized after each use. If you have borrowed one from the box office please return it after the performance.

You are welcome to use your phone during the show during any of the performances, so long as you turn off all sound, alarms and notifications and you are not taking pictures or videos at any time of any of the performers.

On all nights we have ASL interpreters provided in the lobby pre show and at intermission. They will also be providing interpretation for the performances and the post show chat. For the new work by GWDC we will have fully integrated Deaf interpretation by Connor Yuzwenko-Martin-Martin.

Deaf Interpretation

Deaf Interpreters are similar to ASL interpreters in that they create a translation between two languages. However, they are instrumental in their ability to provide culturally immersed, relevant, and instinctual interpretation to create an authentic ASL performance. Deaf Interpreters often work in tandem with ASL interpreters, receiving a simple ASL translation from the interpreter and actively reworking it into a comprehensible and fluent ASL performance for the audience.

They are the visible component of a show while the ASL interpreter is typically in the front row or otherwise situated near the stage and visible to the DI. Alternatively, the Deaf Interpreter can work with the hearing performers to develop an integrated performance where they are in constant sync with cues to support each other, precluding the need for ASL interpreters during performance.

For equity-seeking art groups, including a Deaf Interpreter is an effective way to create safer spaces for Deaf artists and open up more opportunities that centre Deaf experience and talent.


Single stall Gender Inclusive accessible washrooms are on the second floor, above the radio station. To access them, take the spiral staircase or the elevator to the right of the theatre, next to the radio station. There are accessible gendered washrooms on the first floor in the lobby to the right of the theatre. There is also a water fountain located at this washroom.

Our relaxed performance elements on Saturday November 19th also invite audience members to make noise as needed. Please refrain from “Shhhshhing” other audience members, as we want this space to be safe if you need or want to vocalize. Low-level audience lighting will be available throughout this performance.