Convergence 2021

Content FYI

On Being and Doing

This piece has profanities/curse words spoken live or in pre recorded sound cues. The piece starts with a video. After this there is a solo dancer who moves in a grid pattern onstage. Then another dancer enters and speaks the alphabet aloud while doing gestures. Then other dancers come into the space and move different body parts, while pre recorded voices can be heard. In one of the pre recorded sound cues, the words ‘mother fucker’ are heard once during this chaotic group section. After this there is some optional audience participation, where a performer teaches the audience a movement sequence. During this section the performer says “shit” and may curse in other languages occasionally (this text is loosely improvised). Then there is a group section where at different points the performers make sounds and/or gestures that are somewhat nonsensical. Then there is a solo performed in silence, where the performer appears to struggle against something and expends a degree of effort. After this there is a large group section where the performers swirl around the stage and do a choreographed movement phrase. There are layered pre recorded voices speaking to their experience of making this piece. The piece is a total of 20 minutes in length. 

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response 

This piece includes three dancers and a highly integrated Deaf interpreter. There are abstract objects suspended around and above the performers. We use sounds that some people may find irritating/ uncomfortable. A suspended microphone is used by the dancers to amplify whispers. The dancers also vocalize numbers without amplification while moving. Other sound elements include strong base vibrations, high pitched sounds and repetitive abstract sounds. Towards the end of the piece, small beads fall onto the floor from a suspended vessel. Lighting elements include quick dramatic shifts in lighting, blackouts, dim lighting and bright lights pointed directly at the audience in an effort to recreate ASMR visual triggers. The piece is a total of 35 min