FADA Dance Residency!


Good Women is very excited to be opening our space to FadaDance this week! Here is what FadaDance has in store for their residency time:

FadaDance is excited to be working in isolation for a whole week!
It’s so juicy to have time where we aren’t teaching or organizing community dance events/shows and have time just for US to…Well, to do whatever we want!

Often, we find that the only time we have to be immersed in our personal art practice is when we have a performance lined up and the pressure is on. We are really committed, in this residency to examine and consciously evolve the ritual in our current artistic process wherein new habits, entry points and ultimately new methodology is created. How we enter the studio, playing with breaking habits of creation, giving ourselves new challenges and trying on experimental rituals for size.

Who are we? We have kind of lost this magical art of play as our roles as administrators of an arts organization have solidified. We need time in the microwave to melt.

The Good Women Dance residency is going to find Fada in the studio reclaiming their bodies and their art and is a major support for a larger project we are undertaking: Slow Burn: A creative exploration of ritual in our artistic practice.

FadaDance will be having an open rehearsal on Friday January 24th from 2pm-4pm where people can watch their process. This will not be a formal showing of work, but an opportunity to experience their process.

A bit about FadaDance Troupe…

FadaDance Troupe was born on the dance floor in 2002. Principal dancers Heather Cameron, Fran Gilboy, and Misty Wensel came together through a shared desire to create a dance community rooted in dance floor culture. 

Together they drive the artistic mandate of the company: to challenge the boundaries of contemporary dance on the prairies. This mandate is guided by an exploration of the unexpected and a commitment to collaboration within and outside of the organization. By presenting contemporary dance in alternative spaces and unconventional work in traditional performance venues, FadaDance Troupe is making dance accessible to a broad audience. This relationship to the audience exists in work that both invites and involves the viewer, breaking down barriers and conjuring excitement about the discipline. In this way, FadaDance Troupe not only cultivates an appreciation of the artform, they also build an enthusiastic and engaged community.

Today the troupe are prodigious creators of innovative contemporary work. They draw on principles of modern and contemporary dance while pioneering new approaches to the artform and being bound by none. Their practice is fueled by curiosity: for each other, other art forms, the communities in which they live and work, and the next generation of dancers. This curiosity results in a collaborative model that provides a foundation for the troupe. Their sights are set on what comes next: new challenges, new skills, a new piece of the puzzle. In this way, FadaDance Troupe is developing more than a repertoire; they are connecting with the agency of their artistic voice.

Bios of Heather, Fran & Misty on Website: