Guest Instructor: Eryn Tempest


Photo, clothing, and jewellery by Jesse Tempest.

We’re excited to welcome back Eryn Tempest! Eryn will be teaching Good Women Company Classes from April 10-20th, 2018  in the Muriel Taylor Studio at the Ruth Carse Centre for Dance.

The class will be an investigation into the use of spirals, folding and rebound to shape and direct momentum. Through a variety of simple and complex phrases we will look at how the body can be organized to facilitate ease of movement through dynamic pathways and how we can use gravity to orchestrate space and time. Borrowing concepts from Contact Improv, Flying Low Techinique, and the Axis Syllabus this class aims to use the body as a marker of rhythm and energy in the space, exploring the use of expansion and release to create texture in falling and spontaneous equilibrium.

Eryn Tempest is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in Montréal. She has worked with Mile Zero Dance and K.O. Dance Projects in Edmonton, and Par B. L. Eux, Contrabête, and Camille Lacelle-WIlsey in Montréal. Eryn’s work has been presented as part of Nextfest’s Dance Fest, The Works Festival of Art and Design, Tangente’s ‘Danses Buissonnières’, and La Serre’s ‘Vous Êtes Ici’. This past year she co-created and performed in ‘Ghostbox’ with collaborator Camille Lacelle-Wilsey, which was presented in Montréal by Tangente. Eryn’s work investigates questions of invisibility and emergence. She is interested in the expression of movement as a way of inscribing the body with meaning and often explores the use of memory and imagination to track and make sense of the body’s ‘writing’. Eryn is compelled by questions of presence, risk, and spontaneity. She is interested in the way the body finds solutions, the way it is able to gather and direct itself in response to a variety of sensations and experiences. She believes that movement is a process of unwinding, of tracking backwards the myriad physical events of one’s life. Her physical explorations take up questions of transformation, trace and memory. They seek to unlock memory and to unpack the meaning of embodiment.

You can take class with Eryn on:
April 10, 12, & 13 (10-11:30am)
April 17, 19, & 20 (10-11:30am)