Guest Instructor Mpoe Mogale


We are excited to have guest teacher Mpoe Mogale teaching our company classes this November!

Tuesday November 19 @ 10-11:30am
Thursday November 21 @ 10-11:30am
Friday November 22 @ 10-11:30am

$15/Drop in, $100/10 class pack

* Current GW class packs will be accepted for these classes

Class Description:


A week long exploration on boundaries; where we will simultaneously respect, work around, and resist these confinements through movement and dialogue. We will examine the boundaries that: exist between dance genres; divide groups of peoples; and we set for our own selves (why they exist, should they exist, and how do we navigate them?)

These will be movement-focused classes, infused with knowledge-sharing segments throughout. So expect to learn a variety of dance styles, as well as prepare to mentally (un/re)learn. 


Mpoe is a Black Queer Femme that reigns from Lebowakgomo, South Africa. Amongst many other things they do, they are a professionally trained dancer, currently with Decidedly Jazz Dance’s Professional Training Program. They have curated several shows including one produced by Mile Zero Dance and Azimuth Theatre, titled “What (Black) Life Requires.” Utilizing art as a means to not only understand themselves but also the world around them, Mpoe’s creations are rooted in activism, tending to cast a mirror upon (Canadian) society and allow for a space wherein we can reconsider the myths we have existed within; particularly as it pertains to race and gender.