GWDC figure out How to make something from nothing


Good Women Dance Collective’s newest collaboration, How to make something from nothing, moves away from the company’s usual commissioned based productions to a complete collaborative effort, allowing each individual artist involved to have control over the end result. This approach to making art takes into account the lived experiences of each artist and allows everyone involved (and the audience) to be uniquely engaged and entertained, beyond a performance where contractors are solely the performers.

No one has had the final say. Power and autonomy for everyone!

Honestly, the not-knowing is so exciting. I feel I usually and quite easily fall into a leadership role, sometimes to my own detriment, and it has been a truly fulfilling and interesting experiment to relax out of this natural tendency of mine. I think in order to pursue a process like this there needs to be a lot of trust between collaborators, and also the ability to step away from something that is emerging, so it can fully emerge without interference. – Ainsley Hillyard, GWDC Artist

I’m really interested to see how the audience interacts with the space and receives our ideas. I’ve been trying to challenge myself as a lighting designer and think beyond my usual toolbox, and work in a way where a lighting instrument can become part of the performance and movement. – Whittyn Jason, Guest Artist

Within this group, there are a lot of different skills and interests. I am excited to share the moments where these skills and interests coalesce in poignant ways. There are so many possibilities of design and choreography within the piece— I am excited to see and share how these possibilities mingle to create new meanings. – Brandon Wint, Guest Artist

Artists collaborating on How to make something from nothing include GWDC artists Ainsley Hillyard, Rebecca Sadowski, Alison Kause, Alida Kendell, Kate Stashko, and guest artists Brandon Wint, Whittyn Jason, and Mustafa Rafiq.

How to make something from nothing runs April 22 and 23 at La Cité Francophone (8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury).

For tickets, visit the Fringe Theatre website.

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