You are ALL very Good Women!


Happy International Women’s Day from Good Women Dance Collective

GWDC is committed to creating platforms and opportunities for ALL women. We are a women run organization with a core team of five collective artists, a communications director, and a graphic designer, all of whom are women. In addition within our Board of Directors, 5 of 7 of the members are women.

This season, we have postponed many of our productions and activities, however we plan to follow through on this programming next season when it is safe to do so.

Just like previous years’ programming, GWDC will continue to support ALL women in our community. We will do this by providing appropriate resources for women to collaborate on, or create new works. This includes our upcoming all-female production The Beginning of Happiness, and our mainstage production – Convergence – where 9/10 of the artists involved are women.

Still on the calendar this season is GWDC’s Creative incubator, which is facilitated by a woman and this year includes 9 women and non binary individuals of the 12 participants.

For more information on how we have supported women in past seasons you may review our 35/50 report for 2019/20.