Join guest teacher Marynia Fekecz, online March 16, 18 &19

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This class will make our bodies and brains work hard! We will discover our strength, weakness and freedom. Through improvisation to choreography, I will take you on a journey of short tasks and exercises to explore how we can push our comfort zone on the floor and with the floor. As well, we will work on your coordination through different tasks.

The class is based on the floor work which I learned and explored in Europe to develop my own methods and want to share with you! View the class schedule.

About Marynia
Marynia Fekecz is a Polish dancer/performer/choreographer/teacher/producer based in Edmonton where she was part of a residency program and Creative Incubator at Good Women Dance Company. She first came to Canada a few years ago to Calgary where she collaborated with W&M Physical Theatre dance company as part of a residency program. She danced in the WM2 project “RICING”. During this residency she also created a duet “Still a number” with Nicole Charlton Goodbrand. Also, Marynia was a choreographer for Alberta Dance Festival in Calgary during the years 2017 and 2018. In 2017 she choreographed a piece “Lake”, with Artistic Director Davida Monk. In 2018 she choreographed the piece: “Is about you, not me”, with Artistic Director Sasha Ivanochko.

Marynia studied Dance in Poznan School of Social Science. She has collaborated with artists such as David Lorenc (Ultimate Vez), Anna Krysiak, David Zambrano, Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej, Przemyslaw Blaszczak (as a teacher assistant in Kokyu Studio in Institute of Grotowski).

Marynia has been a participant of workshops, festivals and dance projects in Europe and the world. Her teachers were: from Europe: David Zambrano, Peter Jasko, Roberto Olivan, Erez Zohar (Batsheva Dance Company), Anna Krysiak, David Lorenc, Igor Podsiadły, Wim Vandekeybus(Ultimate Vez), workshop with dancers from Kibbutz dance company.
Teachers from Canada: Davida Monk (Dance Studio West) Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej (W&M Physical Theatre), Marie France Forcier.