Kate’s last season


After 10 years with GWDC, this is Kate’s last season with the Collective. She is grateful for the opportunities that GWDC has afforded her, and looks forward to seeing what is next for everyone. Kate plans to continue performing, choreographing and teaching in various capacities around the city. 

From Kate:

The past 10 years have been a period of growth and maturation for me as an artist, and I am grateful to GWDC for providing me with an avenue for my continued artistic development. We have had many exciting adventures together, and there are moments and memories that I will always carry with me. Big thanks and appreciation to Ainsley, Alida, Alison, Rebecca, and the board, staff, collaborators, volunteers and community of GWDC for their support over my time with the Collective. It is no wonder that after 10 years (!), we have all evolved as humans and artists, and I look forward to the adventures to come for both me and GWDC.

Good Women Dance Collective wishes Kate all the best with her future projects and plans. We wouldn’t be the force we are today without Kate’s dedication and intelligence contributing to our growth. GWDC feels very privileged to have had Kate as such a major part of our team for the last ten years.