Finale: Wreckage


GWDC artist, Alison Kause, looks back on our residency in Montréal at MAYDAY Danse with Mélanie Demers

Wreckage… in a good way (after MTL)

Now that we have been home for a few weeks and the dust of our Montréal whirlwind has begun to settle we can take a breath and plunge back into life in Alberta.

GWDC's Alison Kause

GWDC’s Alison Kause

In November we will begin the process of sifting through the wreckage of the process in Montreal. This might sound negative. It’s not. The debris that we have hauled back to Edmonton are possibilities, a lot of possibilities. If there is one thing that truly resonates from the initial phase of this project, it is possibility and its explosive potential. Ok, I hesitate to use the work potential here… And come to think of it, hesitation is not useful either. Replace those two with genuine and immediate and now we’re in the realm of Ms. Demers.

Being genuine and instantaneous are requirements for this work and remind the performer of their right and responsibility to experience autonomous unison. The problem is that we are five individuals and somehow we must negotiate our impulses, timing, arc and intensity, all the while remembering that the problem is actually a game and the rules… are there to be broken. Sometimes.

So, a hyper awareness of the space, weight and time of the game must be finely tuned for each performer. When you’re really good at the game you’ll know which cards will be played and when, but never let yourself become too predictable. “Game o… psych! Game on!”

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