Moving on


GWDC artist, Alison Kause, reflects on where we’re at in the season and what comes next.

GWDC's Alison Kause

GWDC’s Alison Kause

Whoa, that happened (Convergence)!
Moving on…
Switching directions…
Next thing.

The diversity of projects in our season has me thinking about range and flexibility of mind and body quite frankly.

Humility and generosity is what will allow me to give each project the stuff it needs to develop.

Open-mindedness will also be key as we delve into new creations while still feeling the reverberations of the last.

Comparisons are bound to be made. How could you ever love your second child as much as your first? When the next comes along, somehow you do… and perhaps you love both more. My mom has often shared this sentiment with me and I think it completely applies here. I don’t have any kids but I (we) do have the life of a project, its various phases and everything we give to it. The giving, at best, is honest and unconditional and if the project is alive it’ll take everything and demand more. It envelops you. But then along comes the next project, it’s entirely different but has infinite potential.

For open-mindedness, I think I’ll be a channel through which ideas pass. At times I will experience turbulence and ideas may trickle through or crash into me head on. Whatever the impulse, my reaction will be true. Generosity is experienced through complete honesty. Proceed with humility. This form is fleeting and will never be the same twice. Fantastic…

Moving on.