Paint AF – 2022/2023 Space Share Participant


GWDC’s Space Share Program provides free rehearsal space and mentorship to performance-based artists and collectives. Space Share artists will engage in some form of community outreach during their time at the Shumka Dance Centre.

I first saw GWDC perform in 2013 and became obsessed with watching Dance whenever I could, at the fringe, trying to see GWDC whenever I could. I became interested in their Creative Incubator Program, which got me talking to GWDC and involved in the Space Share Program… which is an exciting experience as I have not formally explored dance since doing a small amount of ballet when I was a kid.


About Paint AF

Paint Fremmerlid (Paint AF) is a local underground queer legend (the guy who wants one tit) and memestar of “Oppression and Chill” (a Transgender Hate Meme). Paint is a spoken word poet who has competed nationally and was one of the Breathe in Poetry Collectives 2016 Slam Finalists. He is the author of the poetry books Strengthening Snowflakes and Heavy Backpack as well as the creator of the Patella Tarot. He is the founder of Bikini King, an emerging swimwear brand and a commissioned visual artist often working with other neuroqueers.

He is a self identified mad autistic witch, diagnosed and living with bipolar, ADHD, panic disorder and PTSD. He is passionate about Disability Justice and spent 5 years exploring Disability Studies through MacEwan University and the University of Calgary. As a disabled trans person who survived his own murder, his main objective is to let others know they are not alone in their experiences of the world and to affirm that we all belong and that we have the right to exist fully as ourselves. The world is a better place with everyone in it.

Process V (working concept)

“Process” is an ongoing project that has already been attempted or explored through multiple mediums, with an ultimate goal of activating as many creative pathways in my mind in order to utilize neuroplasticity to rebuild pathways that are blocked or damaged due to a traumatic experience and near death experience that has impeded my ability to write long form fiction. With the belief and knowledge that emotions and memories live in the body and the general experience of my body being a carrier of trauma from unprocessed personal experiences, dislocations, hypermobility, arthritis and chronic pain, there is an unknown surplus of creative seeds that can be discovered and explored through the reclamation of movement.