Simmer 2013


Good Women presents What’s Cooking? SIMMER

Bridging the gap between artists and audiences, with food!

September 12 & 13

6:00pm dinner, 6:30 showings

PCL Studio Theatre

$10 admission

Good Women is gathering again to explore an exchange between artists and audiences. Three artists, Mari Chartier, Bridget Jessome and Jake Hastey, will present work in process pieces to gain feedback and insights from the audience. These pieces will be in their ‘second phase’ of development as the artists involved in Simmer showed the beginnings of their creations at our International Dance Day What’s Cooking event in April 2013.

Audience members will be given written surveys to comment on the works shown, and Q &As will follow each piece. Its your chance to dive in and give direction, try things out on the spot with the artists. There is also a buffet style dinner provided! The setting is casual, you can come and go as you please. In order to facilitate growth your input and feedback is crucial. Come out and support the development of local art!

Here is some more info on the works being shown!

Bridget Jessome

“Being here and not there” is personal. It is as big and as small as me. It is potentially selfish and almost definitely precious. I hope to reveal ideas about time and home.

Mari Chartier

One normal (ish) girl sets out to figure out why she always dates losers and how to find her Prince Charming. She plans to go on 50 first dates but what happens if she finds the love of her life sooner than anticipated? A real life look at a real life girl looking to answer life’s big questions: Why do some people settle in relationships? How can we break our relationship patterns? And most importantly, how does one successfully navigate the trappings of online dating??

Jake W Hastey

Fortuitous Endings (what to do when you wake up drunk in a BBQ cover in your neighbors backyard) is a contemporary theatre piece meant to explore the moments in life when harm is unintentionally done. Within the context of this exploration the focus is often on intimate relationships although not exclusively and predominately these specific and meant to comment on issues of a broader spectrum.

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