Raena Waddell guest instructs GWDC Classes


Raena Waddell brings her wealth of knowledge and experience as a dancer, choreographer and movement instructor to GWDC contemporary dance classes on November 10-11 at 10-11:30am.

Raena is fascinated with the human body communicating through movement, Raena has built a 15 year career as a dancer, choreographer and movement instructor after graduating Grant MacEwan’s Dance Program in 2000.  She has premiered 10 of her own choreorgraphic works in western Canada, working with various notable choreographers including Heidi Bunting and Brian Webb and received the 2012 Edmonton Artist Trust Fund Award.

Away from the stage, Raena has been teaching progressive body conditioning for 10 years for the city of Edmonton, various private dance studios and the University of Alberta. Raena believes her keen interest in intelligent exercise has not only strengthened her abilities as a performer, but also rehabilitated her back after an injury she suffered in 2012.  It was her back injury that led her to research the Garuda system as well as begin her movement process for her most recent performance project Here.Now. which was most recently performed in the Brian Webb Dance Company Prairie Dance Circuit.  Working with Garuda Founder, James D’Silva, Raena holds her Garuda Mat, Apparatus and Barre certification and connects much of her recent artistic creativity to the fluid, full-bodied movement to this training.

Raena has been recognized and funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Edmonton Art Council.

Raena’s work has been presented by Expanse Festival, Fluid Festival, Alberta Dance Explosions, Nextfest, Feats Festival and the Brian Webb Dance Company.