What’s Cooking? 2013


Sharing Food, Movement and Works-in-Progress

APRIL 28, 2013!

Lunch @ Noon, Showing at 12:30Dinner @ 6:30, Showing at 7

Taco Space 10005-80 Ave

To celebrate International Dance Day the GOOD WOMEN DANCE COLLECTIVE are proud to host WHAT’S COOKING?, an informal gathering for sharing of all sorts. Like any good kitchen party, there will be food and dancing—and plenty of engaging chatter.

WHAT’S COOKING started two years ago when the Good Women set out to create a forum for dancers to present new ideas, some still raw and under-cooked, others medium-rare. The point was to get feedback in a casual setting—and there’s nothing more comfy than a meal among friends!

To encourage dialogue between audience and artists, WHAT’S COOKING? presents a setting where there is no stage proper, everyone in the PCL Studio arrives on the same level. Audience members will be given written surveys to comment on the works shown, and short Q &As will follow each piece. Feedback can be used as it’s given, or it can be set to simmer.

Presentations by Richard Lee, Anastasia Maywood, Lindsay Ealse, Magpie Theatre, Mari Chartier, Bridget Jessome, Mindhive Collective

Admission is by donation (suggested $10 min for each show or $15 Day pass), proceeds support the Good Women Society.

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