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The Mile Zero Residency will be the first phase of creation for the piece I am creating, which has the working title WithheldWithheld will go through a second creation and mentorship phase in October 2013, at which time I will be doing another Artist in Residence with Dancer’s Studio West (Artistic Director: Davida Monk) in Calgary Alberta. The final 40 minute work will premiere at Convergence, presented by the Good Women Dance Society, on December 6th, 7th, and 8th 2013 at L’Uni theatre in Edmonton.

MZD showing on February 28th 7:00

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1) What is the title of the piece you will be performing?
The working title of the piece is Withheld.

2) What can the audience expect to see/hear?
During this creative process I was interested in discovering the relationships and dynamics that arise from a group of dancers that are being restricted by either an internal or external force. The audience can expect to see an exploration of movement vocabulary that suggests physical and emotional confinement or restraint.

3) How are you involved in the piece? Who else is involved? What is like working with them?
My role in this piece is as the choreographer. It is a luxury to have a mentored residency in which I have the outside eyes of Gerry and Kat to guide me in my process, and in which I am not tied to the simultaneous roles of choreographing and dancing- as I frequently have been in past creations. The performers of Withheld are Ainsley Hillyard, Kate Stashko, Alison Kause, and Richard Lee. I have worked extensively with these dancers and am very excited to work with a cast that is so cohesive and invested in the creative process. Each individual brings a different perspective to my rehearsals and is very generous in terms of acting as an interpreter of my movement and in what their unique physicalities have to offer.

4) Can you tell us a little bit about where your inspiration for the piece came from?
Inspiration for Withheld came from a rather grand desire to create a piece that was performed inside a large metal cage. In the fall of 2012 I saw an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Alberta of Louise Bourgeois’ sculpture of an intricate cage called Cell (The Last Climb). I imagined a structure similar to this as the set for a full length work in which the dancers remained inside the cage for the entirety of the piece, but had the capacity to extend parts of their bodies through the cage and also to climb to the upper level of the cage. The construction of such a large set piece was dependant on funding which we did not secure in time for the residency. However, I remained interested in how my dancers could suggest the idea of being ‘caged’ without the actual structure.

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