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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response explores ASMR and the effects of tonal vibration in the body. Starting from a place of auditory stimulation, mind-tingling sounds fill the space with unidentifiable sources. The performance space is filled with an immersive set design emphasising layers of perplexity in the soundscapes presented. The performers use voice and body as the environment shifts to structured and nuanced choral music. The most crucial element of the piece is the fully integrated Deaf Performer, Connor Yuzwenko-Martin, for every performance.

Choreographer | Creator Name: Rebecca Sadowski with mentorship by Alison Kause
Composer: Caroline Shaw with Roomful of Teeth, segments from “Partita for Eight Voices”
Music Editing: Rebecca Sadowski
Performers Name(s): Deviani Andrea, Alida Kendell, Krista Lin.
Lighting Designer/Tour Manager: Ainsley Hillyard
Integrated Deaf Performer: Connor Yuzwenko-Martin
ASL Interpreters: Gail Benin and Robyn Lavender
Photos: Mat Simpson

Good Women Dance Collective recognized after creating ASMR to segments of music by Caroline Shaw and Roomful of Teeth from their album, Partita for 8 Voices, that there have been allegations of cultural appropriation of their music inspired by Inuit throat singing and other Indigenous musicians. We are very sorry that this piece is potentially triggering to witnesses of our work. We obviously need to do better in the way of researching music we are using for our work. When we discovered this information, we made a monetary donation equal to what we paid in fees to Room Full of Teeth to Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and will strive to do better moving forward. The following link is Roomful of Teeth and Caroline Shaw’s statement about the matter: