Ainsley Hillyard & Kate Stashko in FaceTime © Marc J. Chalifoux

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Be two places at once! Or nowhere at all. Challenging physical contact in a world where connection between people is manipulated by technology, Face Time is a conversation exploring our constructed versions of reality, perception and connection. In a time when Facebook friends, twitter followers and virtual conversation are sometimes valued more than personal interaction, Face Time begs the question: is being too accessible damaging honest human connection?

Choreographer: Ainsley Hillyard
Performers: Ainsley Hillyard, Alison Kause, Alida Kendell and Kate Stashko
Composer: Ghibli
Sound Design:  Ghibli
Lighting Design: Beth Dart
Costume Design: Ainsley Hillyard
Stage Manager: Beth Dart

Premiered: December 6, 2012 at GWDC’s Convergence