Ainsley Hillyard & Raena Waddell in Pod © Marc J. Chalifoux

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The combined artistic visions of electro-acoustic composer Poitr Grella-Mozejko and Good Women takes the audience on a journey of growth, separation, and isolation. Pod evokes images of an organism that grows and evolves into two separate entities who struggle to break free from the environment they were created in. Watch them gain freedom and transform with each moment as they come to terms with all the complications that their consciousness brings.

Choreographer: Alida Kendell
Performers: Ainsley Hillyard and Raena Waddell
Composer: Poitr Grella-Mozejko
Sound Design: Poitr Grella-Mozejko
Lighting Design: Lester Lee
Costume Design: Alida Kendell
Stage Manager: Lester Lee

Premiered: June 2012 at the Ledcor Theatre in the Art Gallery of Alberta