Alison Kause and Richard Lee in Withheld © Marc J. Chalifoux

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Withheld explores the body’s ability to withhold, confine, and distort emotions, impulses, and information. Withholding may be seen as due to a political, social, or psychological threat. Four dancers express the physical vocabulary and interpersonal dynamics that evolve out of this withholding or confinement of expression. How is our desire to reach out and connect to another affected by repression?  The essence of Withheld lies in the examination of this question, and the complexities of the human condition that it reveals.

©Nicholas Mayne

Choreography: Alida Kendell
Performers: Ainsley Hillyard, Alison Kause, Kate Stashko and Richard Lee
Composer:  Marjan Mozetich
Lighting Design: Beth Dart
Costume Design: Alida Kendell
Stage Manager: Beth Dart
Mentorship by: Davida Monk

Premiered: December 5, 2013 at GWDC’s Convergence